Campfire Bread and Ghee

Campfire Bread and Ghee

Items you’ll need:

  • butter or margarine

  • 1 small coffee can

  • 2 large coffee can2

  • 2 1/2+ cups of flour

  • 1 tsp yeast

  • 1 egg beaten

  • 1 cup warm water

  • pinch of salt

The first thing you need is to build a good fire, you’ll be baking the
bread inside a bed of coals.

Take a small bowl, put one cup warm water with a bit of honey or sugar of
your choice in it. Sprinkle about 1tsp of quick yeast on top of the water.

While the yeast is activating,

I head back outside and check that my fire is burning well and beginning
to form a good bed of coals. Once I see you have a good hot fire with
plenty of fuel to make my bed of coals, I head back in.

Now it’s time to pour my yeast mixture into a bigger bowl, add my whisked
egg and a pinch of salt along with 2 cups of flour and whisk it with a

At this point I add another 1/2 +cup of flour and I begin to knead the
dough. I work the dough until it doesn’t stick to my fingers or hands.
(Add the 1/2cup+ of flour slowly, adding enough but not too much, the
dough should be elasticy and smooth and not sticky )

The dough is ready to take outside now. Break off about 1/3 of the dough.
We do that here as we love making ash cakes and stick bread as shown on
the video. The dough is too much for one small coffee can, but you can
break it in half and make two loaves, you’ll just need more cans to do it
in :)

Now I rubbed butter all over the inside of my one pound coffee can. I
prefer to use ghee (a type of clarified butter)

((((Instead of making a video, I’ll share it below as it is very

Next we need to push the dough into the bottom of the coffee tin.

Cover the can with loosely with tin foil and set by your campfire (not too
close) to rise up till doubled in bulk. That foil hat will rise up above
the can showing you the dough has doubled.

Once that dough forms a nice head out of the can, put this can of dough
into a large coffee can. This coffee can needs to have a smooth layer of
small rocks on the bottom.

We moved the coals into a circle, placed the large can with the small one
inside it, into the center of the coals. Building about 2 inches of coals
around it all.

We then took another large coffee can that had some holes in it, squished
it a bit so that we could turn it upside down and put it on top of the
other large can without tipping over.

We let this bake for about 25 minutes, we added small tinder to keep the
coals from dying out.

I check after 15 minutes and if the bread is very brown I push away any
wood with flames leaving only coals to be sure the bread cooks in the

We took the remainder of the dough and rolled out long strands of dough.
We twisted the dough over sticks, and roasted some. Made an ash cake,
placing dough directly onto hot well as baking a few pieces on the
tin foil, placing the foil over the hot ash after the bread was baked.

We took the rest of the bread inside and enjoyed it with Tuscan White Bean

Ghee Recipe

Ghee is made by removing the moisture and the nonfat milk solids

A few facts on Ghee:

It starts to solidify below 63° F

It melts above 99° F

Smoking Point 375° F

The advantages of using Ghee over butter or margarine is that there is no
splattering when you fry/saute items. If using it in pastries, the
pastries are much more “puffy” And it lasts way longer than
butter on the counter. It’s much easier to get an even coating of ghee in
your coffee tin than butter. The spots with too much butter will tend to
burn. Just wipe with a paper towel dipped in ghee.

To make Ghee

Take 1 pound of un-salted butter

In a heavy stainless steel pan, melt butter on low heat. Once the butter
is melted you can turn up the heat to medium. Just let it simmer. You will
notice the butter begin to foam. This is okay! The reason it is foaming is
due to the moisture evaporating. The oil will begin to clarify now. You
need to skim off the foam. Keep on cooking until all that remains is a
light yellow colored oil, and the moisture is removed. This all takes up
to 45 minutes. Don’t do this in a rush, take your time! You will notice
brown pieces on the bottom of your pan. That is just the milk solids. Once
complete, remove from heat and pour through a seive with a few layers of
cheese cloth in it. The result will be …..Ghee! :)

1 pound of unsalter butter makes about 1 ½ cups of Ghee.

You can safely store your ghee at room temperature for about six months
(up to a year in the fridge if you don’t use it often)

It is wonderful to brush over flatbread! I’ll have to try show that in
another video.

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