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We are accepting enrollment for Classes in the Bushcraft on Fire school. Courses will be offered at various times throughout the year and are on a first come first serve basis. If you desire to be involved in any class make sure to get your enrollment application in early to assure that you will be included in the training.

Bushcraft on Fire is different than many other schools available today. We not only conduct prearranged classes in the Southern Missouri area, but we also will meet your needs by coming to your area to conduct a class if this is more convenient for you. Of course this specialized class would have to be scheduled around our regularly programmed classes.

The Course Schedule is listed below. Please click on each class to see a more detailed account of what the class entails including curriculum and cost. Please know that for many of the advanced classes we ask that you either take the “Introduction to
Bushcrafting” class or have a experience level that would be the equivalent of this class.


Here’s What Others Have to Say About the Classes:

“David Wendell is a very experienced survivalist! We enjoyed informative classes and also the one-on-one learning experience. We learned how to make fires in various ways, how to make cordage, which plants are edible and good for medicinal purposes, tan hides, make shelters, traps and snares, quiet walking techniques, and many other skills that are essential to surviving out in the wilderness. I would highly recommended David’s classes! “Kevin B.” Allons, TN 

Taking the Introductory Survival Class was an experience of a lifetime. The skills that I learned have given me confidence that should I ever find myself in an emergency situation, I can survive. The helpless, panic feeling left when the Wendells explained to me multiple uses for common items, and taught me to have a survivalist mentality, which is basically the skill to prioritize my needs, and the creativity to come up with an unorthodox solution to those needs, given the available items in the surroundings. Building various sizes of e-kits has greatly added to this confidence. I keep a mini e-kit in my purse at all times, a basic one in the car, and a large backpack in the house. Thanks to the Wendells, I now know how to use every single item to its fullest potential, and don’t carry unnecessary or too-heavy items, but only those that minimize space and weight, and maximize functionality and versatility. “Bonnie”, Texas

7th Annual Winter Camp


March 3 – 5, 2013

Over the past 5 year our Annual Winter Camp has been a great time of learning and fun! Join us on Jan 16-18, 2011 in Central Missouri to test your skills in a cold weather environment. Last year we almost got iced in.. making it as close to a real survival situation as you could ask for! Come and learn with us..

The cost will be $225 for the camp. This will include 2 meals / day (Breakfast & Dinner). You may also bring extra food with you for snacks and other meals.

Click on the sign to the right for more information and to sign up!



4th Annual Minimalist Trip


May 26 – 28 2013

This class is going to be a challenge of your skills! We will be going out with a VERY minimal amount of gear to live for 3 days in the bush. How to make primitive Shelters, Basics of Fire, Water Procuration & Treatment, and much more!

The Cost will be $200 for the camp. You will also need to bring your own food for the 3 days.

Click on the sign on the right for more information and to sign up!



  1. Hi Amy.. Thanks for looking at the site!


    • Yes.. we always have someone with cell phone. And on the chance that we are really out there (3 miles from civilization for example) we always contact the rangers and let them know where we are, how long we will be out, and when we will report back in with them. We try to be as safe as possible

  3. I am interested in learning more wild edibles … any future courses on that or on trapping would be great!

  4. Hello, David and son, I discovered your very -well-done videos this morning while searching for plant growing tips. I live on the North Carolina smokey mountains near tennessee and am starting to plant my garden.
    I am an ex- Eagle scout from pennsylvania in the 1950’s and your videos reminded me of things I learned when i was doo’s age; we had an excellent troop-great participation
    blessings to you all and i will be lookig more at your site later jacob

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