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It’s great to have you visiting with us today. We hope that the site has helped you to understand more about Bushcraft and gives you an incentive to hone your “Survival Skills”. If you have questions about anything that you have read, or if you would like to inquire about our upcoming classes please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!


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David & Tam Wendell

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  1. Can I use Coffee/Soup cans as Camping cookware?

    Thank you for your time.
    Jason Oriti

  2. hi there I very much enjoy your video tutorials You don’t seem to get many experts over here in the UK, so I am very grateful for your video they are very clear and well done.
    my inquiry is do you have a video on the tanning of small hides, such as mink. Indeed do you have an index to your videos as a whole? Many thanks. Joe pratt

    • Joe.. We have a pictorial here on the website about skinning a squirrel.. but nothing on YT. I do have many of the videos in playlists.. and we are working at getting them all done. YT has a great search agent on my videos.. and I have them well worded.. so you might be able to find them that way. Thanks for your support!

  3. Rev Timothy @ Gloria Perry

    I need some sassafras roots to clean my blood and body please God bless thank you.

  4. Hi there David. many thanks for the reply to my query about an index for your video tutorials. I did respond, but your system would not accept my Email address….which is There is an old address on my other Pc I doubt you will get through as the old PC is mostly off line, so best stick with 77. I really go on Tams cooking I’ll be giving that a hammering this summer (??). All the beszt Joe.

  5. Were r your classes done at

  6. Can u make pine tea out of all pine trees

  7. Josh.. Sorry I missed this.. Yes, you can make Pine Tea from most any Pine

  8. Dave and Tam,

    I am looking for a good resource for Medicinal Plants and Herbs. Do you have a recommendation. I do have A falcon guide to medicinal plants of north America. I was looking for something more detailed especially on how to prepare things.

  9. Hi David, We would like to send you some of our product to try. Its made as a medical device for the treatment of wounds but it also help with POISON ivy, and all other plant irritants. Fits great in a 1st aid kit.

    If you would like a sample or two please E-mail me. We are manufactured in Nixa Mo.

  10. I have watched several of your videos and the reason your Prusik knots don’t hold is because a Prusik sling has to be a third smaller in diameter than the rope or cord you are tying it to. A Prusik knot has three passes not two. Just wanted to comment on that problem you are having. Thank you for all of your Bushcraft videos. I really enjoy your different ideas.


  12. I must be missing something. Could you be a little more specific about your location and classes? I am In s.w. Mo. Thanks.

  13. Love and enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the primitive lifestyle and have practiced it much of my life. I am now 66 years young and still enjoy it very much. I have picked up many tips from your website and continue to check it almost every day to see what else is coming. Thank you for such great information.

  14. Will you be having the minimalist camp this year 2014? Every year i want to get out there and do it and every year my schedule has conflicts. Maybe this year…

  15. Nathaniel Jeffreys

    I would like to get a paracord sling like the one you made on youtube. Email me please. Thank-you.

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