1. I am in the process of tanning a deer hide. I did one last year and it came out pretty stiff. I think I needed to scrape it more. this years hide is stretched out on a piece of plywood and covered in salt. what do you recommend the next step to be? last year I used a salt and alum solution and let it soak for about a week i think. what is your recommendation on finishing this hide with hair on.

    • There’s nothing that will compare with the old “elbow grease”. Most hides come up hard because they weren’t worked long enough. Once they feel dry.. they probably aren’t yet totally dry. Hope that Helps!

  2. where did I hear that the brains of a deer is an excellent paste to tan the hide??? Read it somewhere

  3. Also, in some areas of the country you can buy pig brains at the grocery store. they work very well.

  4. I recommend the book “Brain Tanning the sioux way” By Larry Belize.

    I learned by using this book, the “old ways” are often the best ways…

    God Bless

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